Everything in Black and White…but is the leather legging the world’s favourite?


We officially said goodbye to winter last month.  Spring arrived with a lot of excitement.  The Kate Thermal sweater off the shoulder with the long sleeve is so soft and beautiful! I have to admit that I was never interested in the leather legging before as I thought it was only suitable for motorbike riders. But When I decided to wear the leather leggings it created this powerful feeling which I cannot explain. I wonder when you are wearing this leather legging if you could share your experience and the reaction from the public.
 I would like to hear your thoughts about it and if you have never worn this why not?


Prime Minister Theresa May’s Leather Trouser

Prime Minister Theresa May who has been wearing the khaki leather trouser by Amanda Wakeley, which was and is still a big deal but I’m not interested in discussing her leather trousers’ price tag. Because it is none of my business and everyone’s business. She has a right to buy what she wants to do with her money. One thing I like about her what that she doesn’t care what they are thinking of what her wearing. She did seem comfortable to wearing it and proved that her leather trousers are sold from the sources.

Halle Berry

Halle Berry does seem a huge fan/obsession of the black leather leggings as the leather celebrities images website of her leather trousers as you can check. In my opinion that it made her always look so glamour and young! Her style is really inspired me and it made me realise no matter what all our age!



Sweater: Kate ThermalSkinny Leather Trouser: Lily Lulu Fashion – Shoes: Louboutin (similar: Office) – Belt: Gucci (similar: Topshop)

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