Why did I not explore London before?


Let us talk about the city of London.  I was far too busy to think of exploring the city neither was I interested in touring London as I live in London.
I have often asked myself what is so special about London with regard to tourists when I come across them with their maps of London guide. Recently I was caught in the traffic along Trafalgar Square, which stretched to Piccadilly Circus turning left towards Mayfair.  Usually, I would have gone through these areas within few minutes without noticing the tourists interest.  I then found myself admiring the beauty of these interesting places.  As the traffic started to flow I promised myself that I will be back.
Indeed I went back but this time I decided to go down to Oxford Street through Regents  Street, savouring the beauty of the place. In all honesty, I would normally go into the intended shop for my purchase and straight out again. Haven decided to, explore this city for a change I took, my time appreciating the beautiful city and the tourists’ interest.
IMG_2800 (2)
Although the weather might not have been great on the day but I did not allow this to bother me. If you are planning a visit to this great city London then I highly recommend that you first visit the London City Guide website.  You will find lots of helpful information on how to enjoy your visit,  places of interest and London hidden gems.
Since my new found interest I have visited some of these areas more than once including Trafalgar Square, Mayfair, Regent Street and Piccadilly Circus.
I am already thinking of where to visit next but with the help of the London guide website, I am sure that would not be difficult to find. I now wished I had done this earlier however I am loving every minute of it.





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