The Beauty Products I have used on my face


Hi everyone, I am sure you will be surprised to hear me talk about makeup considering the fact that l wear very little of it. I wear less makeup as I am particular about my skin especially my face. I get a lot of comments on how smooth and fresh my face is. I tell them it is down to eating green vegetables and drinking plenty of water.


The Light blue with gold Brushes

I do not use too much makeup, however, I have fallen for the blue and gold brushes. They are beautiful and very easy to use. Their quality is super, despite washing the brushes several times they still remains the same.   I am really impressed with the Amby Rosé brushes, not just for the soft nature but also for the reasonable prices.  I would highly recommend it to you if you are looking to buy some makeup brushes.


The Primes
I tend to use the Prime before applying any makeup to my face. This is very important to me because it protects my face and lip from dirt,  itchiness, and dryness.  I apply a small amount to the whole face after using my moisturiser before applying correcting pen, followed by the powder and blush. I was impressed that it also works very well under eye shadow and liners and keep them fresh all day. It’s easy to use and transport with other skin care regimen. Just a whisper that you can get free samples with any purchase Lancome. I would recommend that you try this.

I was struggling to find the right foundation tone to match my skin. I  avoided using one for a while, then I tried the Sleek Makel and Clinique foundation! Wao this worked like j, I use the Sleek Makel and Clinique Beyond Perfecting foundations for months. Sleek Makel is a cheap but in my view that it is very good quality. Clinique is a very high quality which, is expensive.  Both of them stay longer and smooth than I thought.


Clinique ~ MAC (Dark Deep skinfinish) ~ MAC (Ambering Rose) ~ Sleek makeup foundation (Chestnut) ~ Laura Mercier ~ E L Double wear (Deep)


Eyes makeup
The dipbrow pomade by Anastasia Beverly Hills is so amazing as it is so easy to apply to the eyebrow. Of course, am looking for something new from them because I received a lot of positive feedback from them. After the Mac studio finish concealer filling which I have applied gently over my brow, it blends away any harsh lines going in the direction of my eyebrows. This creates a clear and shaped eyebrow.   I am a  huge fan of Liz Earle’s products for over 4 years because it is naturally 100%! I have never had any issues with their brand.  I wear regularly Liz Earle eyelash primer before applying for the smudgeproof mascara. I use the Maybelline liquid eyeliner and loves it as it stays longer and their price is affordable.


I wear more lipstick than any other makeup because I can create any colour or mix and match lipsticks!  It is fun to practice and I can repeat them over and over till I achieve the desired effect.  it is easier to change than face makeup.  I always wear two or three shades of lip pencils and lipsticks. Although am open to other brands however the Matte lipstick is my favourite. It is not oily neither is it too dry. I think you should consider trying it yourself.
Lip concealer ~ Lip pencil (Red Tape / Urban Cafe) ~ Intense Butter Gloss (Black Cherry Tart) ~ Jumbo Lip Pencil (Deep Red) ~ Lip gloss (Black Cherry) ~ Very Victoria Glastonberry
Face Powder Final
What is so interesting for me about the face powder final is that it serves as an overall protection for the face makeup. It helps my foundation to last longer and it stops it from running. The Face Powder Final glows my skin has makes pores less visible.  I have found The Laura Mercier very helpful with regards to my makeup.
I will like to emphasise that although it works for me it might not work for you because of individual differences. I would, therefore, suggest that you keep trying with your makeup till you find the one that you are comfortable with.  I am enjoying my makeup now but it took a while to realise the products am comfortable with. I still try something new every now and then.




Please leave a comment in the box regarding your makeup.
What beauty products you have used on your face and which brand lipstick is your favourite.
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