The cold shoulder…a new obsession?

Cold shoulder obsession

The Wimbledon tennis games have arrived, and I am a huge fan of tennis! I plan on going to watch Andy Murray play but I am gutted that Serena Williams will not be playing as I would have loved to watch her play too! Nevertheless, I would like to congratulate her on her pregnancy and I hope that it will be a smooth delivery.

Anyway, back to the cold shoulder…I didn’t realise that I own so many cold shoulder dresses until recently; I guess I have developed an obsession. The cold shoulder look is very creative, eye-catching and its style is arguably just as good if not better than tops/dresses!

So a perfect Print Blush Floral cold shoulder midi dress with a halterneck, captivating the eyes of many because of its more feminine, classic look and appeal. Finally I added a pair of rose high heel sandals, giving a very sleek and stylish finish to the already amazing beautiful cold shoulder.

Cold shoulder obsession

Cold shoulder obsession


Cold Shoulder Dress – Rose High Heel Sandals

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