Do designers follow the trend for the Seasons???

The Lace Maxi Dress

Where can I start from with this maxi black lace dress? Normally, I would not have considered posting any dress for this fall/season.  For the falls, the supposed dressing would be casual, dull and dark.  I can understand why some bloggers might ask the question whether we should follow the trend or not.

I have watched some of the videos in relations to designers following the trend for the season.  Most of them do not follow the trend despite showcasing this during the fashion week show. Their creativity in the fashion industry could be interesting or ridiculous depending on your taste.  Regardless of the excitement from the fashion show,  the customers will only wear an outfit which is appealing to them.

I am in support of not following the trend as it tends to dictate your code of dressing rather than what you are comfortable with.

Back to the business at hand, I am in love with the lace maxi dress, it is so perfect for the autumn season. Although it was really difficult to remain focused with the photoshoot as many paparazzi were everywhere, trying to take a picture of this beautiful black maxi lace dress but it was fun watching them. That just made me appreciate the dress the more.

What do you think about following the trend of d seasons? I will like to hear your views.  Please comment on this blog.

The Lace Maxi Dress

The Lace Maxi Dress

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