Could there be any reason to love the winter season?

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Yes, there are reasons to love the winter season. Did I hear you ask how and why? I noticed that I was enjoying walking around the park and through the windows I was able to see the trees. I was not expecting to fall in love with the winter season but to my greatest surprise, I began to question my dislike for the winter season over the years!

I realised that other people’s complaint about the winter season, followed by the depressing dressing code, not to mention the cold weather was a contributory factor to people disliking the winter season.  In the rush to get to our destination and escape from the cold, we have never stopped to admire the beauty of the season, let alone walk around the park.

You know what? Funny enough, although I am deaf and cannot hear but I can still read the moody and depressing body language, which in turn influences my judgment of the season.

This winter I decided to take a walk in the park and I found myself admiring the beauty of the golden leaves dropping, the bare trees and I did not take note of the chill breeze as I continued with my walk, wearing the off shoulder knitted sweater.

The off Shoulder Knitted sweater is comfy and suitable for the fall/winter. I have a huge obsession with sequins in any cloth.  So, I chose this elegant sequin pencil midi skirt, which can be worn with any colour sweater, top or blouse. It is elegant either as an office wear or as a party wear.  There might not be need for additional jewellery as the sequins on the skirt takes over the outfit. Off Shoulder Knitted sweater top from  There is a 20 off with code (SharonP20). The discount is valid on regular prices.

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Off Shoulder Knitted sweater – Sequin pencil midi skirt

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