Why did I never buy the camel before coat for the winter?

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I thought that camel coat was seemed not suit for me as I didn’t like the colour of the coat, which was too older, bored and less feminine! I always wore only bold and feminine with red, black or navy of these coats. Hold on your judgement on my opinion. Where can I start to say? Right, I went to the Top Shop to hunts for new coats for autumn/Winter and I notice that camel coats still are in many stores and my face looks like why was these still popular at there and what special about them. I was like let try it out and totally love it immediately! (Bet you may think that I must be mad that I never buy this coat before!)

I decided that all black of the fabulous leather skinny trousers, warm cashmere sweater, cat eyes shades additional into my looks, which create bolder, and glamour! Will I buy new one camel coat again in future? Absolutely yes, one camel coat can be made you feel like more classic and stylish! But this still made you feel a bit more casual either. You cannot go wrong with a camel coat from Topshop or see my shops above.




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