My Blue and Camel Look

My Blue and Camel Look

I have worn this outfit on different occasions; whether it was lunch or dinner. Quite a casual yet stylish outfit, something you can wear when you are not in the mood to go all out, but still want to look cool. To be honest, I feel a lot more comfortable in these clothes than in smart wear, although I still look quite classy.

At first, I thought about going for a monochromatic outfit, but it looked quite boring to me (feel free to give it a try if it suits you!). That being said, I might give the monochromatic outfit style a try one day, so never say never!

In the end, I decided to choose these fancy pair of blue jeans with a soft camel sweater.  I then threw on these heels that I quite like to give off a casual, yet stylish look that I feel very comfortable in.

My Blue and Camel Look

My Blue and Camel Look

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