Why did I stop wearing black trousers?


When I first put these trousers on after not wearing them for over a year, I felt a little strange.  I once swore to myself that I would never wear black trousers again after I quit my old job.  After wearing black trousers to work every day for years, the sight of them would bring back that dull, mundane routine that I used to go through and the feelings that associated with it. The trousers lacked style; maybe it was because they had to be worn as part of a uniform so I didn’t have much of a say.  I didn’t feel like I could really express myself in my choice of clothes, almost as if my identity was being concealed.

With all that being said, you may wonder why I have decided to wear a pair of black trousers and go back on my word. Good question.

Marks and Spencer sent me a few items of clothing to choose from, one of them being a pair of black trousers. At first, I thought “Oh no, I’m definitely not wearing that!”. However, after a while, I realised that I did actually like the trousers and that the only reason why I disliked black trousers so much was because I was forced to wear them.  All I really wanted was the luxury of being able to choose what I wanted to wear, rather than having to wear what was forced upon me. I felt a sense of empowerment. There was a spring in my step now; a door that I had once closed on myself has been reopened. Thank you, Marks and Spencer!

The cream cashmere jumper is both light and warm with a V front shape.  I wore this with a black ankle slim trouser and some court shoes. The shoes offer great protection and I would highly recommend them, but if you wish, you could wear a pair of trainers if it makes you feel more comfortable.

Lastly, I absolutely love this faux leather cross handle bag for its modern and stylish look; it’s definitely a keeper!

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