Are you afraid to wear light pink trousers to work?

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We should not be afraid to wear pink in the winter because some people think that pink may look unprofessional or too girly. I know I talked about wearing the black trouser in my previous post, but sometimes we need a break from wearing dark colours; switching from the classic navy and black to more bold or light colours such as pink, orange, green or red, can give a fresh and bright feel. This pink trouser is my favourite as it looks so simple but still has a touch of class to it!  For this reason, you could wear these to work or even in a casual setting.

The mix of pink and black colours on the print long sleeve shirt looks cool yet smart, might I add that the texture feels great too! I chose to wear this pink slim trouser with these fabulous and beautiful looking court shoes. If you don’t feel comfortable with wearing an all pink outfit or trouser, why not try some other colours? Go on, be bold.

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The Marks and Spencer trousers – Shop more colours

You can also check the Marks and Spencer style and Living features website where they asked us how we styled our outfits! Enjoy!

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